Prayer Temple is a Bible believing church established by God through his servent Prophet Stanley Osebre-Osei, to bring liberation and direction to the people of God, and also to win souls for God.

Prophet Stanley was born and brought up back in Ghana called Pampawie. By the grace of God he was privileged to travel to London. Although Prophet Stanley managed to find a job six days after his arrival in London, the morning he as supposed to start the job the enemy attacked him and he became a cripple overnight. Despite several medical examination, the source of the illness could not be identified.

It was a burden on Stanley’s host, who decided to send him back to Ghana. The week leading to his departure , Stanley embarked on a journey of prayer and fasting, through which God  miraculously lifted healed him! Soon after the recovery,  as an experience builder, Stanley resumed his career within the construction industry.

In 2008,  Prophet Stanley started his radio broadcast to win souls to Christ.  One day God had shown him in a vision people in chains and said “son, I have called you and given you power to set them free”.
God instructed him to establish a ministry and name it Prayer Temple International. Prophet Stanley didn’t hesitate to do the work of God.

Prayer Temple International Ministry was therefore established on 22 January 2009 with just seven people. The church started meeting in a small room under a Cafe along the Old Kent Road. Despite moving in several location, God continues to sustain the Ministry. Prayer Temple is currently located in Old Kent Road.




Pastor Patience & Prophet Stanley Osebre Osei .